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by Location
Assess the size of the market by measuring the volume of searches and growth compared to last year, and benchmarking the results with selected competitors for any Country, Region or City.
by Topic
Understand the product portfolio and quantify in an absolute way what activities, topics, or industries (brandtags) are being searched about in any Country, Region or City.
Searches by
Country of Origin
Find out who is searching and get market intelligence, not only by geolocating the searches, but also by defining the target markets behavior and preferences (brandtags) towards any Country, Region or City.
by Month
Check for seasonality and track down the performance of each target market and topic (brandtag) by month for a 24 month time period to see when people are searching in any Country, Region or City.

5 areas to explore the “search” demand

Choose one of our solutions and start measuring the appeal and
reputation of any Country, Region or City.

What type of touristic
information and activities
are Tourists
searching for?
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Which locations
and business opportunities
are most searched
by Foreign Investors?
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Which type of products
and services
are Business People
searching for?
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Which places are
Students and Workers
searching to
to live, work or study?
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(Public diplomacy)
How does politics and cultural
heritage affect the reputation of
a place and determines the
perception of Global Citizens?
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What are you interested in
Tell us so we can help you.
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Take advantage of “Big Data” insights

Here are some examples of how the Digital Demand data can provide intelligence
and competitive advantage for your organization.


Measure the current
reputation and results of
the implemented strategy


Segment and assess
the most important and
relevant target markets

Strategic positioning

Adjust to global
trends and be ahead
of competitition

Product definition

Identify the customer’s
preferences and most
relevant product offering
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“For several years we have been using Digital Demand -
D2© for insight and analytics purposes. It complements
our other insights sources and gives us new perspectives.”
(Senior Global Consumer Insight Manager, Visit Sweden)